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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Simple Rules Finding Frozen Milkfish Importers

Frozen milkfish importers sold different quality of products and this is why you cannot simply buying milk fish product from random vendors. There certain things you need to understand when looking for fish suppliers. Milkfish which is known as bangus or bandeng is one of the top seafood products in both Indonesia and Philippines. Maybe you interested to buy from those suppliers that have limitless access for certain quality of milkfish. If that’s the case then you should learn these simple rules finding frozen milk fish importers before you make a deal with them.

Looking for frozen milkfish importers are quite challenging
First of all, importing a product is not an easy job, let alone ordering seafood products from outside of your country. There are several things you should learn and prepare when try finding good frozen milkfish importers. Usually people who order imported products because the products are not available in their country or they simply just try to find better goods than products that locally available. However, before you make bulk order with certain suppliers or vendors, you should think about these rules:
1.      Are you legally able to import milkfish products?
Before you wasting time doing some research to find good suppliers, you should make sure for the first that you have an access and allowed to import products or in this case is milkfish. There are number of restrictions occurred when you want to import some products especially when you want to buy specific good. You need to find out that you are able to import milkfish legally before doing further.
2.      Calculate the cost to import frozen milkfish
You need to calculate all the costs and charges to import product from frozen milkfish importers. The costs to buy frozen milkfish that you need to spend is not only just the fish price, but also several other costs including the transport and insurance cost, storage, taxes, and many more. You should calculate the correct amount of all these cost carefully.
3.      Is importing milkfish is actually cost effective?
When you want to import something or anything, you need to find out whether all those efforts are cost effective for your business. Usually people who import fish or seafood products need that items for their business and thus you need to make sure that your business still gain some profits even after spending money to buy frozen milkfish. Of course you will want to be able to make reasonable return from your imported products, right.
4.      Ask the payment terms and conditions
This is important because you need to tell yourself whether you can afford to import or not. Become frozen milkfish importers, you should consider about the payment terms and conditions. Some exporters will ask you to pay in advance while others offer letter of credit terms and conditions, etc. If you can afford for certain payment methods and conditions then you can consider ordering imported products. However, if you cannot afford to import or you cannot get the money or use it to run your business the same time you placing your order and paying for it then it is better to find other alternative because we know that you need money to run your business.
5.      Exchange rate fluctuations
One potential risk when dealing with exporting and importing products is that there is exchange rate fluctuations. Frozen milkfish importers sometime need to buy some products in foreign currency which meant that the exchange rate fluctuations will affect the prices and the costs when you buy frozen fish. Few solutions to deal with such risk is that you can transfer the risk to the exporters by asking them to quote in your country currency or buy forward cover in order to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations.
6.      Find trustworthy frozen milkfish suppliers
When dealing with frozen milkfish importers and exporters, you need to look for suppliers or vendors that reputable, dependable, and trustworthy. Dealing with overseas suppliers are not easy thing because they have different terms, conditions, cultures, languages, and set of values from yours. Some misunderstanding possible to occur and this is why you need to be careful when making the next step. You should be able to find milkfish suppliers that can deliver you high quality products and services.

Indonesia Frozen Milkfish Suppliers for Cafeteria at School

If you run a cafeteria at school, you should try to be in touch with Indonesia frozen milkfish suppliers to provide you the product that you need. School cafeteria is a high profit business since the student inside the school only able to purchase their food from your cafeteria. However this business also has some challenge that you should conquer if you want to be success in running the cafeteria at school. As you know school is an institution where a lot of young student study and do many kinds of activity inside. And the school cafeteria is created to give those students some support especially in the food that they consume.

Cafeteria at School Using Product from Indonesia Frozen Milkfish Suppliers
Furthermore the food that they consume should also able to give the right nutrition for the student so they can become healthier and grow better with the nutrition that they receive from the food that you provide in the cafeteria. That is the challenge that your cafeteria business should face as you need to provide food which filled with nutrition that the student need when they want to be healthier. Thus you should not give any random food and provide healthy food instead.
This is why; you should pay attention to the ingredient that you use to create the food at the school cafeteria since the ingredient should be fillet with the milkfish nutrition. One of the ingredients that you may able to use is frozen milkfish product since this food fish is filled with many kinds of nutrition which able to fulfill the needs of the student for their health. Furthermore this food fish also very delicious, thus the student that comes to your cafeteria will surely love to eat it. You can even create many kinds of dishes using only this product as the ingredient.
If you have decide to use this product then you surely need to be in touch with Indonesia frozen milkfish suppliers since they are the one that able to provide you with the product that you need. Remember that you should also make sure that the frozen product you get has great quality since the quality of the ingredient that you use will affect the quality of the food that you provide for the student. This is why, it is super important for you to get the right supplier which able to provide frozen milkfish product with the specification that you want.
To be able to know if the Indonesia frozen milkfish suppliers really the right supplier which able to provide product with the specification you want for the school cafeteria, then it is also important for you to know the production method that they do. Furthermore the right supplier will even try to get the right raw material before they create their product. The right supplier usually already knowledgeable about the importance of this raw material and its effect to the product they will create later. With this consideration, they will create fish farm so the raw material that they get from the farm will have perfect condition.
After Indonesia frozen milkfish suppliers get the perfect raw material from their own fish farm, and then they will be able to use it to create the perfect product. The product creation will start by washing and cleaning the raw material. Even though the raw material is already perfect, but it still needs several unwanted parts which need to be removed from the product. After it is cleaned then the cutting method will start in order to create suitable frozen product for your school cafeteria.
Now is the packing method which will protect the product that they have created through the previous method. Then the freezing method is used since the product you want is frozen product which able to withstand long duration before being used at your school cafeteria. After all of the method necessary to create the frozen product is done, and then it means that the product is ready for sending. You will see whether the product that the Indonesia frozen milkfish suppliers send to your school cafeteria is the right product which able to fulfill the student nutrition. As it is really the right product, you do not need to worry so you can use it.

Reasons of Why Frozen Milkfish can be More Advantages than Fresh Fish

Frozen milkfish is always become favorite choice for healthy seafood. Milkfish which is also known as bangus or bandeng is a national fish for both Indonesia and Philippines. They are two largest producers for milk fish that exported wide range of milkfish products including frozen style. Frozen milk fish is a way to commercially packing the fish in order to maintain its freshness by freezing fresh milk fish that has just been caught. That’s why frozen fish is actually a fresh milk fish that frozen within a very short time after caught. The taste and the texture of frozen fish is just as good as fresh milk fish.

Wide variety of frozen milkfish products and reasons to buy them
If you search nutritious seafood that available every year then you frozen milkfish product is a nice try to have. The advantages to buy frozen milk fish is that they are really convenient because you can purchase frozen fish and then use it anytime you want while fresh milk fish need to be used as soon as possible because they are more perish able. Due to this conveniently many people prefer to have frozen milk fish since they are last longer and just need to be stored in low temperature to maintain its freshness.
Frozen milk fish is really popular in fishing industries because you can not only purchase frozen milkfish whole round but also other varieties of products including frozen fillets, boneless and skinless frozen milk fish, descaled frozen milk fish, headed and gutted frozne milk fish, and many more. If you want to eliminate preparation and filleting time then you could buy frozen fillets or frozen boneless and skinless. They are simpler and easier to be cooked.
Another reason of why you need to buy frozen milk fish is related to the availability. In ideal world, all people will have an access for fresh seafood but sadly we are not living in an ideal world and not all people can have access to get their hands on fresh fish. Alternatively, frozen milk fish is distributed and exported to many areas so consumers can buy them anytime anywhere. Their availability is more abundant than fresh fish and they are easier to be found.
Frozen milk fish product can save your money, why? Because when you buy frozen milkfish, you can use exactly what you need and the rest can be stored or frozen again to be used later. This is mean that they are less waste and spoilage than fresh fish. But if you still want to have fresh fish, you can buy about one third of your sea food fresh and then two third of your sea food frozen for a week to reduce the food waste due to spoilage. You can use the fresh milk fish first and then use the frozen milk fish for the rest of the week. With this method, you can save your money effectively.
Talking about frozen milkfish price, they are usually cheaper than fresh fish and their price are constant unlike fresh milk fish. Through price fluctuation, fresh milkfish can cost about $2, but the next day it priced $1 and then without explanation the price can jump again. While with frozen milk fish, there is less price fluctuation. So, you can set up the budget every time you want to buy frozen milk fish.
Most of restaurants like to order frozen fish instead of fresh fish since there is no guarantee that their restaurants will use the fresh fish immediately at one time. This is why they like to bulk order frozen milk fish and the keep them inside freezer with very low temperature. When their customers order their milkfish restaurant menus, they simply take out the milkfish out of the freezer and the use it to cook. With fresh fish, you cannot do that since you need to use them as soon as the fish on your hands.
Buying frozen milkfish can be more advantages than fresh fish. They are just as nutritious as fresh fish and both the texture and the taste are not decreased. Frozen food is consistent in quality especially if you already found one favorite brand to buy. Frozen milk fish really fit the way people eat today.

4 Reasons of Why Buy Frozen Milkfish is Better than Fresh One

Buy frozen milkfish sometimes are better than pick out fresh fish from the counter. So, it is not always bad purchasing frozen milkfish, although we need to admit that frozen fish is always become the second choice after fresh fish by most of people. But, the next time you want to buy fresh milk fish, you should consider this thing: what you imagine about “fresh” fish is not always the same with the industry imagination because the fresh milkfish that displayed on the fresh counter could be almost a week old due to the processing time, distribution, and transportation.
In addition, most of fishermen can go out to harvest fish for days at a time, when you can get a fish on the first day and after that they are not back for one week then the fish is seven days old before they arrive at the dock. That’s why, although the markets consider and sold the fish as “fresh” seafood product since they never have been frozen, in fact they are not exactly what you think and not straight off the line. That’s why we encourage you to think that it is okay buy frozen milkfish seafood product at markets especially after you read this information below about reasons of why you should consider purchasing frozen fish.

Reasons why it is okay to buy frozen milkfish
Here are several reasons of why it is okay if you want to purchase milk fish versus fresh milk fish:
1.      The milkfish nutrition and the taste are not different
Frozen milkfish is just as nutritious as the fresh one since they are originally fresh fish. If the milk fish are properly frozen right after being caught then the taste, nutrition value, and moisture are completely preserved. Even there is some blind test when the expert panelist needs to choose between frozen versus fresh fish and they actually preferred to have fish quickly frozen after harvest. In addition, many chefs also prefer frozen fish over fresh fish if the fish is properly frozen because they are can be just as good as fresh fish.
2.      Freshness meaning that the fish is frozen in time
The goal to frozen the fish is to keep the freshness of the fish and actually to stop deterioration. It is mean that freshness seafood product is not necessarily always about being caught straight out of the water since most of fresh seafood are fast frozen to maintain the freshness quality and immediately thawed before they are served. So, in fact fresh or frozen products are not that different.
3.      Minimize Co2 pollution
Fresh fish need to be shipped immediately after caught and they tend to be distributed with air transportation which mean they need significant amount of energy. Frozen fish can be shipped with ground transportation and usually they do by using trucks or boats and thus they need less Co2 emissions compare with air transportation. If you really care about eco-friendly thing then you should encourage yourself to buy frozen milkfish product instead of fresh fish.
4.      Frozen milkfish is more convenient plus less wasteful
Many people in the end toss away their fresh fish in the trash can because the fish quickly spoilage. Actually it is all about perish ability; frozen fish allow you to use them anytime without any affect of the texture, taste, and qualities. You just need to store the frozen fish in proper temperature and when you want to use it, you just need to thaw them for awhile or cook it straight out of the freezer. Frozen fish can last for months even years and this is why they are more convenience and less wasteful.
The last reason of why you should buy frozen milkfish bangus is that about the availability. Not all people can have an access for fresh milk fish and in the end they need to find some alternative to get their hand of milkfish. Frozen milkfish is always available every year in different sizes, qualities, and prices. You can purchase them in the morning or daylight or in other words any time you need them. There is nothing wrong by purchasing or buy frozen milkfish because they can be just as good as fresh milk fish and even sometimes you cannot tell the difference after you cook them.

Milkfish Frozen Diet Seafood Products

Milkfish frozen product is a famous seafood product both in Indonesia and Philippines, however they are distributed worldwide to various countries as exported goods. Milkfish also known as bandeng or bangus have silver-colored body and mostly found Indian Ocean and across Pacific Ocean. It has almost white flesh with mild flavor and packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This is why including milkfish in diet is really recommended since it offers healthy benefits and to fill most of your nutrition intake. Milkfish can be cooked in various ways so it will be delicious as your diet meals.

Why milkfish frozen is good for your diet?
The best thing when you include milkfish frozen is that, you can get healthy benefits from its nutrition content such as omega 3, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, selenium, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and so on. All those nutrients useful to support most of your body functions and improve them, such as omega 3 to enhance good heart and brain development as well as protein to improve your immune system.
If you have weight loss diet, then to decrease the level of calories and fats, you need to cook the milkfish frozen seafood product with less cooking oil. There are many cooking methods that use small amount of cooking oil including broiling, grilling, baking, and steaming. The fish flavor prepared and cooked with such methods is delicious as much as pan fried. For important note, it is true that milk fish is good for your diet; however you should still limit the consumption because consuming too much seafood as well as any foods will lead to bad side effects.
How to purchase milkfish frozen fish?
Buying frozen milkfish is great and easy alternative if you do not have an access for good quality fresh milkfish. In fact, frozen fish in many cases is the best option to have especially related to availability, quality, and conveniently seafood. Truth to be told that there is no that cannot be frozen and frozen milkfish actually is a fresh fish that being frozen to prevent the fish spoil quickly so they are as good as fresh fish.
When the frozen milk fish comes from is important thing to know. As for today, Philippines and Indonesia are the major suppliers for milkfish and many manufacturers sourced their milkfish from either farm fishing or wildly caught. Frozen milk fish comes with wide range of seafood products such as milkfish fillets, whole round, gutted and headed (H&G), headed gutted tail-off (Hgt), boneless and skinless, smoked, and many more.
The disadvantages for consume milkfish is maybe related with the bones. Milkfish is known as bony fish and thus they have numerous bones that need to be removed before you consume it or otherwise you will end up incidentally swallow the bones. In Indonesia, there is milkfish product called “Bandeng Presto” which the milk fish is pressure cooked to soften the bones so people can consume the bones without feeling uncomfortable. If you do not have an expert skill to clean and remove the bones, you can buy such product. Some product even already seasoned to strengthen the flavors and thus you just need to cook it by frying, broiling, baking, grilling, etc.
Purchasing milkfish frozen needs to check several things before you really buy the fish, such as:
-          Frozen milkfish at grocery stores usually vacuum packaged to sucked out the air and then prevent the fish to spoil quickly. That’s why do not buy the fish when you see that the package is torn.
-          Avoid purchase fish with visible freezer burn or there is ice crystal on the inside of the plastic package and discoloration because that’s mean the fish is spoilage.
-          Touch the fish and make sure that the flesh still firm and does not flake easily.
It is important to purchase the freshest milkfish frozen and that’s why you can ask the market staff when they get the products. After you get your frozen fish, thaw the milkfish before you use it by store the fish in the coolest part of refrigerator or you can thaw the fish by soak it in a bowl of cold water and let it sit for few hours (let the fish still inside the package, it is okay to soak the fish still in the packaging).

10 Benefits Buying Milk Fish While Frozen

Milk fish while frozen lock in its freshness so the fish can last longer and can be used anytime when you want to cook it. This is why frozen fish is preferred by many people, the convenience of milk fish frozen is that you can simply store the fish after you purchase it and you can use it later while fresh fish need to be cooked as soon as possible or at least within two days when you keep the fish in refrigerator. Frozen fish can stay for months even years and both the taste and texture won’t change that much.

What are the benefits for having milk fish while frozen?
There are many benefits for having milk fish while frozen properly. But for the start, frozen fish can be just as good as fresh milk fish so there is no reason of why you need to avoid purchasing frozen milkfish and do not want to have them at all. Here are the advantages of frozen milk fish product:
1.      Availability of the frozen milk fish
Within hours after caught the milkfish, they will be frozen immediately to prevent spoilage that can cause deterioration of texture, taste, quality, and the nutrition. When the fish is frozen and stored in freezer, their qualities remain unchanged. Frozen will keep the freshest condition of the fish and their availability is abundant making seasonal limitation now is the part of the past. Milk fish while frozen can be found easily at markets.
2.      Milk fish is convenience
Frozen milk fish product is truly a convenience seafood product since they are all already prepared. There is no need for preparing and cleaning the fish and what you need to do is just take the fish and then cook it. Some frozen milk fish even already seasoned.
3.      Milk fish frozen product is economical
Frozen milk fish price usually in constant number unlike seasonal fresh fish which need to go through fluctuation depending on the availability. Frozen milkfish prices are usually also less expensive than fresh milkfish.
4.      Freshness stay longer
Of course the reason to frozen milkfish is to prevent spoilage and maintain the freshness. Freezing the fish will seal its freshness longer and they are frozen in its peak condition. With today high tech, the fish can be frozen immediately after caught.
5.      Labeling
The nicest thing about buy milk fish while frozen is that the manufacturers usually labeling the package and thus they tell you what you are eating. The package will tell you about nutrition facts and ingredients. If you have some health concern then nutritional information on the package may help, for example you do not want to have seafood that high in calories. Frozen milkfish can help for that.
6.      Longer storage time than fresh
Just like we already mentioned before, with the fish being frozen then it is mean they have longer storage time than fresh fish because the process seals the freshness. It offers maximum flexibility and the fish can last for months or years.
7.      Less waste than fresh fish
When you just need to use half part of the fish, you can store the unused back in freezer. This is not the case with fresh milkfish since they are quick to spoil, you should use them immediately or throw away the unused parts to the trash. With frozen food, there is almost no leftover since you can use them anytime.
8.      Nutrition maintained
Milk fish while frozen is just as nutritious as fresh fish. The frozen process maintains the nutrition of the fish and it is known to be the best preserving. A fish that quick frozen in its peak then properly stored will keep their highest nutritional values.
9.      The quality of the fish
Fish frozen offer consistency in quality. The taste, texture, and the milkfish nutrition remain unchanging.
10.  It offers great value
Frozen milk fish suitable with the way people eat today since they offer amazing values in number of ways including time savings, quality maintaining, money savings, energy saving, and many more.
Those are ten benefits for having milk fish while frozen which could be your reasons of why you should buy frozen fish. There is nothing wrong with go frozen since they are high in quality as well.

Milkfish Fillet Price is So Affordable to Buy!

Milkfish fillet price is really affordable and not to mention it offers good appearance of dish. Milkfish in size averagely is small with toothless mouth and bony white flesh. They are good to be eaten when you do not want to have too strong fishy flavor since milk fish has a nice mildly taste. Milkfish is an abundant fish that like to swim in large school and they are caught in tons making a good seafood product to be consumed as well as for other utilities including animal’s food, oils, and lures or baits. Since milk fish is easy to be found, their price are really affordable and even cheaper compared with other larger fish such as tuna and salmon. That’s why if you off budget then you can replace any tuna or salmon recipes with this healthy nutritional fish.

Affordable milkfish fillet price in markets
Until today, milkfish is one of the most popular fish globally and the seafood products are exported and distributed in various markets especially in Southeast Asian such as Indonesia and Philippines. Milkfish fillet price considered being very cheap and this is why the fish can be cooked as every day meal to have. Of course you still need to limit the consumption because too much eating fish is not good either.
When you want to buy milkfish especially if you require large quantities of fish bangus then there are many things you need to consider so you can get cheaper prices such as:
-          First, find trusted suppliers that accept both small and large order. But, it is recommended to bulk order milkfish if you really need them for your business because the larger your order is, the cheaper the milkfish fillet price is.
-          Just like we already mentioned on the first point, when buying certain amount of fish fillets, ask for discount. Big suppliers such as manufacturers usually offer cheaper price than if you buy at distributors. Remember that first hand supplier will always have cheaper price.
-          Buying online is okay as long as you make sure that their prices are lot cheaper than you buying directly at local suppliers. This is important since you still need to pay for the delivery cost, not to mention if you purchase them as imported seafood product. You need to ask the shipping cost for overnight delivery if you the milkfish arrive as soon as possible. Milkfish fillet price might go higher due to expensive shipping cost.
-          If you just want to purchase few amount of milkfish fillets then you can purchase frozen fillets at grocery markets when they offer discount time. Several times in a month, grocery stores like to offer discount time and you need to make the best use of such favorable time. In fact, you can even looking for coupons to get discount for milk fish fillet price. Just find on the internet, print at home and then bring it to the store or market.
-          Go canned as the last choice to get milk fish on budget. Canned fish is always to be the cheapest among seafood products. They are less expensive than whole round, fillets, smoked, and steaks. But they still provide healthy nutrition just as much as fish fillets so why not get your hands on the canned milk fish? Canned milk fish fillet is available with many styles too including milk fish in oils, water, sauces, and brine. You can eat them milk fish straight out of the cans or use it to cook into some recipes.
Why you need to buy frozen milkfish fillet price?
-          They have elegant appearance and easy to be cooked, skip the preparing and deboning time with frozen fillets.
-          They can be stored and use later unlike fresh fillet milk fish that need to be cooked within one or two days.
-          They are cheaper than fresh milkfish fillet price of course. Besides not all people can have an access to get fresh milk fish fillets.
-          Their quality is just as good as fresh fillets and they still packed with best nutritional values.
-          Frozen fish available with boneless and skinless, but you can also buy the one with the skin still attached.
Buying milkfish fillet price on budget is a simple thing to do to have a nice meal every weak thus you need to taste them.



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