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Saturday 2 September 2017

Reasons of Why Frozen Milkfish can be More Advantages than Fresh Fish

Frozen milkfish is always become favorite choice for healthy seafood. Milkfish which is also known as bangus or bandeng is a national fish for both Indonesia and Philippines. They are two largest producers for milk fish that exported wide range of milkfish products including frozen style. Frozen milk fish is a way to commercially packing the fish in order to maintain its freshness by freezing fresh milk fish that has just been caught. That’s why frozen fish is actually a fresh milk fish that frozen within a very short time after caught. The taste and the texture of frozen fish is just as good as fresh milk fish.

Wide variety of frozen milkfish products and reasons to buy them
If you search nutritious seafood that available every year then you frozen milkfish product is a nice try to have. The advantages to buy frozen milk fish is that they are really convenient because you can purchase frozen fish and then use it anytime you want while fresh milk fish need to be used as soon as possible because they are more perish able. Due to this conveniently many people prefer to have frozen milk fish since they are last longer and just need to be stored in low temperature to maintain its freshness.
Frozen milk fish is really popular in fishing industries because you can not only purchase frozen milkfish whole round but also other varieties of products including frozen fillets, boneless and skinless frozen milk fish, descaled frozen milk fish, headed and gutted frozne milk fish, and many more. If you want to eliminate preparation and filleting time then you could buy frozen fillets or frozen boneless and skinless. They are simpler and easier to be cooked.
Another reason of why you need to buy frozen milk fish is related to the availability. In ideal world, all people will have an access for fresh seafood but sadly we are not living in an ideal world and not all people can have access to get their hands on fresh fish. Alternatively, frozen milk fish is distributed and exported to many areas so consumers can buy them anytime anywhere. Their availability is more abundant than fresh fish and they are easier to be found.
Frozen milk fish product can save your money, why? Because when you buy frozen milkfish, you can use exactly what you need and the rest can be stored or frozen again to be used later. This is mean that they are less waste and spoilage than fresh fish. But if you still want to have fresh fish, you can buy about one third of your sea food fresh and then two third of your sea food frozen for a week to reduce the food waste due to spoilage. You can use the fresh milk fish first and then use the frozen milk fish for the rest of the week. With this method, you can save your money effectively.
Talking about frozen milkfish price, they are usually cheaper than fresh fish and their price are constant unlike fresh milk fish. Through price fluctuation, fresh milkfish can cost about $2, but the next day it priced $1 and then without explanation the price can jump again. While with frozen milk fish, there is less price fluctuation. So, you can set up the budget every time you want to buy frozen milk fish.
Most of restaurants like to order frozen fish instead of fresh fish since there is no guarantee that their restaurants will use the fresh fish immediately at one time. This is why they like to bulk order frozen milk fish and the keep them inside freezer with very low temperature. When their customers order their milkfish restaurant menus, they simply take out the milkfish out of the freezer and the use it to cook. With fresh fish, you cannot do that since you need to use them as soon as the fish on your hands.
Buying frozen milkfish can be more advantages than fresh fish. They are just as nutritious as fresh fish and both the texture and the taste are not decreased. Frozen food is consistent in quality especially if you already found one favorite brand to buy. Frozen milk fish really fit the way people eat today.

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