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Saturday 2 September 2017

Excellent Buttermilk Fish Fillet Recipe Try at Home!

Buttermilk fish fillet is delicious and simple recipe to experience. The fish fillet fried in oil to get the crispy texture but before you need to marinate it with buttermilk. The taste is nice without too strong flavor and the tender meats melt in your mouth. In addition, you can serve the buttermilk fish with many ways including fast tartar sauce and mashed potatoes. Learn how to cook the recipe here today!

You should try this buttermilk fish fillet recipe
Milkfish fillet boneless and skinless (the skin can leave on too) will skip complex deboning process. The product already cut into thin fillets to serve many milkfish recipe including buttermilk fish fillet recipe. Usually people who do not want to fillet whole round fish or maybe just find it hard to debone and filleted the fish simply by fillets fish product at grocery store in the form of frozen seafood products.
Frozen fillet milkfish can be purchased as ready to cook product. You just need to marinate the fish for awhile before ready to be cooked just like the recipe that we would love to share to you below.
·         2 pounds of fresh or frozen milk fish fillets
·         1/2 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp of red pepper for flavor
·         1 cup of biscuit baking mix
·         1 cup of buttermilk
·         1/4 cup of canola oil
Instructions for buttermilk fish fillet:
1.      Prepare the baking dish, find 9- x 13-inch size and place the fillets in it. Add the buttermilk over the fish; make sure the butter cover all the fillets evenly. Cover the baking dish tightly with plastic wrap and the keep inside refrigerator for a half an hour.
2.      Prepare new shallow baking dish and make a mixture from pepper, salt, and biscuit baking mix. Take out the milkfish fillets of from the refrigerator and then place them on the mixture. Coated the fillets on both side of the fish in the mixture.
3.      Preheat medium skillet over medium heat (use cooking oil) and put the fillets on the skillet then cook each side for 3 to 4 minutes until they turn golden brown. The flesh should flake easily with some pressure of fork.
4.      When the cooked is done, remove the fillets from the skillet and place on paper towel to get rid excess oil. Repeat the process with the remaining fish fillets and then serve it immediately.
To serve buttermilk fish fillet you can make fast tartar sauce or mashed potatoes. Here is the simple and quick recipe to make the fast tartar:
·         1 cup of mayonnaise
·         1/8 tsp of ground red pepper
·         2 scallions (chopped)
·         1/4 cup of sweet pickled relish
·         1 tbsp of capers
The instruction is very simple, you just need to prepare a small bowl and then make a mixture with all the ingredients above. Mix them well and then serve it with delicious buttermilk fish fillet recipe that you already made before. You can store the remaining tartar sauce inside refrigerator, you just need to put them in sealed jar and then keep it for several weeks. Besides the tartar, you can also try the buttermilk fillet with other sauce such as tomato based sauce.
If you want to eat low calories fish fillet, then you may not want to fry the fish instead you can steam it. Of course steam the fish fillet cannot show the milkfish taste better than frying it, but still it can keep the milkfish nutrition better plus it does not give extra calories.
When you want to use frozen fillets, you also need to thaw it properly first. After buy frozen fish, you should put it immediately in refrigerator overnight so the fish will defrost slowly. If you run out of time, you can soak the fillets in a bowl full of cold water. You do not need to take out the fish fillets out the plastic package, just let them soaked in the water deeply still inside the package. Alternatively, you can rinse the frozen milkfish fillet under running cool water to remove the visible ice crystal.
Buttermilk fish fillet recipe is a nutrition fish meal that you should try for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy!

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