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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Milk Fish Fresh Menu Sinigang na Bangus Stew and Braised Fish Recipe

Some of you might need to have milk fish fresh menu especially when there are some family and guest that come to dine at your house. Milk fish has very fresh flavor which is why many people love the taste that this food fish has. Furthermore it is also very versatile so you can create many kinds of dishes using this food fish. Here we have two kinds of menu which are milk fish stew and braised milk fish which both very delicious to have. Now let us see the complete ingredient and cooking direction here. 

Milk Fish Fresh Menu Sinigang na Bangus Stew
-          Milk fish 1.5 pound
-          Water 2 cup
-          Tomato 3 pcs medium size sliced
-          Onion 1 pcs medium size sliced
-          Tamarind 6 pods
-          Banana heart 1 can
-          Green bean 2 cup cut them diagonally
-          Vegetable of your choice 1 cup such as spinach, watercress and mustard green
-          Salt tsp
-          Thai fish sauce 1 tbsp
Cooking direction:
1.      Take the fish milk, wash and clean it. Cut the fish into 4 or 6 parts each.
2.      Sprinkle salt on the entire fish milk surface.
3.      Take a pot then pour in the water add the tamarind pods. Put the pot on medium heat setting until the water boil and the tamarind pods become tender.
4.      Take out the tamarind ponds from the pot.
5.      Add onion, green bean, and tomato then cook for 1 minute.
6.      Add the banana heart, fish milk, and season with Thai fish sauce.
7.      Let the stew boil again then turn down the heat into low setting. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes.
8.      Take off the store and serve immediately.
Braised Milk Fish Fresh Menu with Sauce Black Bean
-          600 grams milk fish
-          5 grams ginger, chopped finely
-          15 gram chili green
-          10 gram leek
-          A half of a tomato
-          10 ml vegetable oil
-          10 ml cooking wine Chinese
-          15 ml sauce Black bean
-          5 gram salt
-          10 gram sugar
-          5 ml soy sauce light
-          1 cup chicken broth
Cooking direction:
1.      Take the milk fish, wash, clean, and debone it. Cut the milk fish into fillet but still keep the skin intact then cut the fillet again into 6 smaller portions.
2.      Take a sauce pan then put inside some of the seasoning such as sauce black bean, soy sauce light, ginger, salt, sugar and cooking wine Chinese.
3.      Put the milk fish fillet into the seasoning mixture, stir it so the seasoning will cover the entire milk fish fillet surface then marinate it for half an hour.
4.      Take a wok then put it on stove using high heat setting. Wait until the wok fully heat up.
5.      Add vegetable oil into the wok then put leek and chilly green then sauté them until almost cooked.
6.      Take out the milk fish fillet from the seasoning mixture then put it on the wok.
7.      Add the chicken broth to the wok then cover it.
8.      Let the liquid in the wok to boil then turn down the heat to low setting. Left them to braise for around 40 minutes.
9.      Open the wok cover then add in the sugar.
10.  Left those to simmer for around 3 minutes so the liquid will be thicken.
11.  Take out the dish and put on a plate, decorate it with tomato slice then serve immediately while still hot with rice or salad.
Those are the menu that you should try to create when you want to cook fresh milk fish. This menu is healthy and delicious so it will make you feel refreshed after eating them. Furthermore, this menu also quite easy to make, just follow the cooking direction that we give here. Surely you want to impress both your family member and guest that come to dine at your house. You can surely do that by using our milk fish fresh menu we give to you here. It is easy to make, healthy and has very beautiful result thus it will look really pretty when served to your family and guests that comes to dine at your house.

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