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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Milk Fish Frozen Preparation and Cooking

Milk fish frozen is one of the most widely consumed in Indonesia and Philippines, but they are also distributed as export seafood products globally. Milk fish can be found mostly in Indian and Pacific Ocean, the frozen fish can be cooked with wide variety of ways such as fried, grilled, smoked, baked, and many more. Milk fish is a delicious seafood with either not to strong nor too mild flavor. The flesh is soft almost white in color and can be consumed as simple or quick breakfast. Milk fish packed with plenty of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is recommended that you include milk fish into dietary menu plan. 

How to buy and prepare milk fish frozen
Not everyone can have an access for fresh milk fish and alternatively, they go with milk fish frozen product. Frozen fish comes with wide variety of styles including whole round, fillets, headed and gutted, headed gutted and skinned, tailed off, and many more. Choosing the best frozen milk fish is quite challenging because you can end up with bad product like the one that’s being frozen too long already. You should buy the freshest frozen milk fish and this is why you should know how to tell whether the milk fish still in great condition and just being frozen:
1.      Best quality milk fish frozen usually is vacuum packaged to prevent the fish touched outside air and spoil quickly. That’s why you need to check the packaging ensure that there is no torn or damage on the plastic package.
2.      Most of manufacturers like to label the packaging with milkfish nutritional value. Different brands will have different nutrition values and thus you can compare the amount to get the highest nutrients levels.
3.      Avoid purchase the frozen fish if there is visible sign of freezer burn this is when inside the package has ice crystal on it.
4.      Touch the fish even though it is inside the package to make sure that the flesh still firm, it is mean the fish is frozen perfectly.
How if you purchase milk fish frozen in bulk without any packaging? The fish should be stored in very low temperature and you can try to check the fish by appearance and touching it. If you buy whole round, you need to check that the fish does not have any discoloration which the sign of spoilage.
Preparation before cooking the frozen milk fish
Before you cook the fish, you should thaw the milk fish first by store it inside refrigerator overnight. The next day, you can use the fish immediately. This is the best way to thaw frozen fish, however if you run out of time, you can soak the fish inside cold water in a bowl for few hours or thaw the fish under running cool water but the last method will work only for thin milk fish.
Preparation included deboned the fish. Milk fish has numerous bones and it will uncomfortable if you swallow the bones. You may want to try removing the bones on your own if you have the skill, but some people said that even an expert need to spend about twenty minutes deboned each milk fish. Unless you have the skill and you are okay to spend your time removing frozen milk fish seafood product one by one, you can purchase milk fish frozen fillets instead or boneless and skinless frozen milk fish because certainty there are markets for that. Having frozen milk fish fillets and boneless plus skinless will eliminate deboned process time and it will quicker for you to prepare and cook the fish.
Some frozen milk fish sold without its head and tail, but some product still have both parts attached. The fish can be cooked in various ways including pan fried and broiled. When you want to fry or broil the fish, you can marinate the fish with herbs or seasonings first simply with salt and pepper for few minutes to add extra flavor. If you have other recipes then go on, you can cook the fish with extra sauces and vegetables.
It is recommended that you include milk fish frozen recipes in your diet because this fish offers heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids and high quality protein.

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