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Saturday 2 September 2017

Milkfish Fillet Vanilla Sauce Steam and Fried Recipe

Steamed Milkfish Fillet Vanilla Sauce with Vegetable
-          Vanila pod 1 pcs
-          Lemon 1 pcs take the juice
-          Lemon leaves 1 pcs
-          Olive oil 1 tsp
-          Milkfish fillets 4 pcs with skin on, scored
-          Baby leeks 8 pcs
-          Peas 4 ounce
-          Broad bean 4 ounce
-          New potatoes 8 pcs scrub and cook it
-          Semi skim milk 565 ml
-          Salt
-          Black pepper

Cooking direction:
1.      Take the vanilla pod then take out the seed. Keep both aside.
2.      Take a plate, pour in the lemon juice. Add olive oil, lemon leaf and previous vanilla pod and seed then mix it using fork.
3.      Add the milkfish fillet vanilla into the plate and cover the surface with the lemon mixture. Flip once then cover the other surface with the lemon mixture. Do this step with all of the milkfish fillets.
4.      Put the lemon leaf and vanilla seed on top of the milkfish fillets. Take the vanilla pod and set it aside for later usage.
5.      Take the baby leek and split it in half on the middle, leave one inches distance from the end. Wash it using cold and running water.
6.      Take a bowl. Add broad beans, new potatoes and peas inside. Stir to mix all of the vegetable and set it aside.
7.       Take a sauce pan, and pour the milk inside. Add the vanilla pod from previous steps. Put over heat using medium setting.
8.      Take a steamer then put the baby leek on the bottom of the steamer. Add the vegetable mix on top then season using black pepper and salt. Put the steamer on top of the sauce pan with milk.
9.      Take another steamer then add the milkfish fillet vanilla with the lemon leaf inside with the skin side on the upper side. Open the score on the milkfish fillets then pour the juice from the milkfish fillets plate over the fillets.
10.  Put the steamer on top of the previous steamer. Put the cover on top of the steamer then cook it using slow simmer around 15 minutes time.
11.  Remove steamer off the sauce pan, turn the heat off. Open the cover and get ready to serve.
12.  Take some plates then put the vegetables from the first steamer on the plate. Add the milkfish fillet vanilla from the second steamer on top of the vegetables.
13.  Take out the vanilla pod from the milk in the sauce pan then pour the milk into cappuccino frother and whizz it to create the vanilla sauce.
14.  Add the vanilla sauce to the plate and serve immediately.
Fried Milkfish Fillet Vanilla Sauce
Fried milkfish fillet ingredient:
-          Milkfish fillets 4 pcs
-          Olive oil 3 tbsp
-          Salt
-          Black pepper
Vanilla sauce ingredient:
-          Dark rum ½ cup
-          Vanilla bean 1 pcs open up lengthwise
-          Unsalted chicken broth ¼ cup
-          Heavy cream 1 cup
-          Coconut milk unsweetened 1 cup
-          salt
Friend milkfish fillet cooking direction:
1.      Take the milkfish fillet vanilla, wash and clean it.
2.      Season the milkfish fillet using pepper and salt. Flip once then season the other surface with pepper and salt. Do this step to all of the milkfish fillets.
3.      Take a frying pan, pour the olive oil inside. Put on heat using high setting until the oil heat up.
4.      Add the milkfish fillets then fry around 4 minute until the color become golden. Flip once then fry again for 4 more minute.
5.      Take out the milkfish fillets, put it on the plates then set aside.

Vanilla sauce cooking direction:
1.      Take a sauce pan, and then pour in the rum.
2.      Add the vanilla bean then put it on heat using medium high setting for around 5 minute time until the liquid reduced to around 2 tbsp.
3.      Pour the chicken broth coconut milk and heavy cream into the sauce pan then use whisk to mix them all. Cook it around 15 more minute until the liquid reduced to around 1 cup and thicken.
4.      Take the sauce pan off the heat, take out the vanilla bean, scrape the seed into the sauce and whisk to mix. Season with salt then serve it with the milkfish fillet vanilla and become milkfish with sauce.

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