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Saturday 2 September 2017

Milkfish Fillet Yogurt Sauce Steaming and Grilling Recipe

If you want to make milkfish fillet yogurt sauce, then you should check out our recipe that we have here. This food fish taste very delicious and it is also filled with nutrition that your body need to get healthier. Surely you want to try to give this healthy food to your family member so they can get all of the nutrition that they need. Furthermore our recipe is created using steaming and grilling method. This method will allow the milkfish fillet to cook perfectly without having to lose any of the nutrition inside which often happen while cooking. Now let us see the complete recipe here.
Steamed milkfish fillet ingredient:
-          Milkfish fillets 2 pcs skin on
-          Lemon 1 pcs sliced
-          water
Yogurt sauce ingredient:
-          Plain yogurt 17 tbsp
-          Olive oil 1 tbsp
-          Salt
-          Pepper
-          Cilantro 2 sprig
-           Parsley 2 sprig

Steamed milkfish fillet cooking direction:
1.      Take a pan, add water and put it on the stove using high setting until the water boiled.
2.      Take the milkfish fillet yogurt sprinkle the pepper and salt on the surface to season. Flip once then sprinkle the other surface with the same seasoning. Do this step to the other milkfish fillet.
3.      Take an aluminum foil, put the milkfish fillet yogurt inside then add the lemon on the top. Wrap it tight.
4.      After the water boiled, turn down the heat then put steamer on top of the pan.
5.      Put the aluminum foil wrapped milkfish fillet yogurt on the steamer then steam it around twelve minutes until the meat become tender. Take a knife and pierce the milkfish fillet lightly to check it. The milkfish fillet should be flaky when ready.
6.      Un-wrap the milkfish fillet put on the plate then uses pepper to season when necessary. Add lemon slice on the side as garnish.
Yogurt sauce cooking direction:
1.      Take both cilantro and parsley sprig then take the leaves off.
2.      Finely chopped the leaves.
3.      Take a small bowl, put the yogurt inside.
4.      Add the olive oil and chopped leaves into the bowl.
5.      Add pepper and salt to season it.
6.      Stir it using spoon to mix.
7.      Serve with the milkfish fillet yogurt sauce.
Grilled Milkfish Fillet Yogurt Sauce
Grilled milkfish fillet ingredient:
-          Milkfish fillet 4 pcs
-          Salt
-          Black pepper
-          Olive oil
Yogurt Sauce ingredient:
-          Fresh dill 2 tbsp chopped
-          Olive oil 2 tbsp
-          Cayenne pepper ¼ tsp
-          Garlic 2 cloves minced
-          Low fat plain yogurt 16 ounce
-          European cucumber medium ½ pcs diced
-          Lemon ½ pcs juice
-          Salt
-          Black pepper
Grilled milkfish fillet cooking direction:
1.      Heat up your grill using medium high setting before using it.
2.      Take the milkfish fillet yogurt then season the surface with pepper and salt. Flip once then season the other surface with pepper and salt. Do this step to all milkfish fillets.
3.      Take a plate then pour the olive oil. Take a tea towel then dip it into the olive oil. Use the towel to oil the grilling grates.
4.      Grill the milkfish fillet for around 4 minute times. Flip once then grill the milkfish fillet for longer time around 8 minutes.
5.      Put the grilled milkfish fillet on the plates.
Yogurt sauce cooking direction:
1.      Take a medium size bowl then add all of the ingredients inside such as fresh dill, cayenne pepper, olive oil, yogurt, minced garlic, lemon juice and cucumber.
2.      Use pepper and salt to season as your liking.
3.      Serve it with the milkfish fillet as sauce.
Those are two milkfish fillets recipe with yogurt sauce that you should try to make for your family. It is actually quite easy to create but the result that you get from this recipe is really amazing. Furthermore steaming and grilling the milkfish is healthier cooking method that you should try since you will be able to earn full benefits from the nutrition that this food fish had. And your family will love the taste of this milkfish fillet yogurt sauce dish that you give to them, thus you should not have to worry about cooking healthy dinner anymore.

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